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ED&F Man Capital Markets is a globally recognised and trusted name across the world’s leading financial and capital markets. We maintain a strong international presence and are regulated by the FCA, CFTC, SEC, FINRA and NFA.

Our proud history stretches back 250 years, to when the group first began trading physical commodities. Our extensive market expertise, industry-leading technology suite and strong balance sheet means that, as part of ED&F Man Group, we are ideally placed to deliver a market-leading broking service to our clients.

We offer access to a cutting-edge IT infrastructure, a range of leading financial instruments and trading platforms and the experience of our specialist trading divisions, which cover a range of disciplines including metals trading, forex trading, futures trading, options trading, among many others.  In addition, ED&F Man Capital Markets is a clearing member of the world’s leading futures exchanges, including (but not limited to) the CBOE Exchange, the NASDAQ Stock Market, CME, COMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange, ICE, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, the London Metals Exchange, & EUREX.

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Multi Asset execution

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Client Services

Portfolio Margining

Clearing services and Middle office services


We provide our clients with full support in their futures trading activity – allowing them to benefit not only from our best-in-class offering, but also our team’s extensive market expertise.

Our dedicated futures trading teams continually monitor our infrastructure to ensure we provide a truly market-leading offering and the highest standards of client servicing.

In terms of trading infrastructure, the bandwidth and latency of all local and wide-area circuits are watched and tracked around the clock. This means that packet loss, interface utilisation and errors are all tracked in real time by our network operations centre.

All the servers that run on our hosted platforms are tracked and monitored at every stage; from the power supply to the disk, CPU, network interface and application processes. Our leading IT infrastructure is backed by our own network of server and application administration experts.

Additionally, our support teams work around the clock to swiftly resolve any client queries or issues. We are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive a prompt response on any support requests regarding their platforms and FIX connections – either those on our own networks or via third party vendors.


Our client servicing offering sits at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on the high standard of the service we provide to all our clients, at every stage of their trading and brokerage requirements.

The client services desk works alongside our back and middle office teams, to ensure that we quickly and efficiently service our clients’ needs – from trade reporting, exercising positions, deliveries, positions transfers, currency conversions and more.



Our risk and risk modelling offering provides our clients with strong, clear and actionable market and trading insight, designed to directly improve their trading activity across the world’s capital markets.

Our client accounts are actively and continuously monitored by our dedicated global risk team throughout the trading week. These accounts are held to margins determined by individual exchange methodologies, affording our clients full visibility around their trading activity.

Independently of this, we also calculate a bespoke, internal, stressed-risk requirement which – in conjunction with a credit assessment – is monitored in real-time against market thresholds.


Clients wishing to trade US equities can also benefit from using portfolio margin rates. The goal of these margins is to align requirements with the overall risk of the portfolio.

Portfolio margins usually result in significantly lower margin requirements on hedged positions than under traditional rules.


With extensive experience in clearing for a strong and diverse client base (which includes financial institutions, corporates, hedge funds and a variety of other fund management firms), our dedicated client servicing team works alongside our clearing team to provide seamless and transparent advice and guidance.

Whether you execute with us or another broker, ED&F Man Capital Markets is ideally placed to support your clearing needs.

We offer the latest back and middle office technology tools to support your clearing requirements. Our team provides an online client portal, allowing clients to access trading statements and reports, as well as historical, customisable data.

Customers who clear their business with ED&F Man Capital Markets can do so with the confidence that our strong balance sheet, resilient tech infrastructure and extensive expertise are geared to cater to their needs. Our model has stood the test of time and continues to blend the best of the established practice with cutting edge technology.


Execution services

Our execution teams are among the most experienced in the industry and are ideally placed to handle your trading execution requirements. Our team caters to high-touch customers, where sales professionals can provide value-added trading strategy ideas.

We offer customers a 24-hour service with access to over 40 futures exchanges around the globe as a clearing member of the world’s leading futures exchanges, including (but not limited to) the CBOE Exchange, the NASDAQ Stock Market, CME, COMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange, ICE, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, the London Metals Exchange, & EUREX, among others.

We also support a full suite of exchange-supported and synthetic order types. Our specialist, expert desks have relationships with market counterparties who can provide deeper liquidity, which may not always be available through exchanges.


We act as a Broker Dealer, with a strong balance sheet, vast technical expertise, multi-asset product capabilities and top tier technology.

Our infrastructure is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of clients’ brokerage requirements. We tailor our service model to our customers’ needs, catering for clients who prefer a low touch service, a high touch service, or anything in between.

ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc. is self-clearing for US Equities & Options, Global Futures & Options and Fixed Income. ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc. is also regulated by FINRA, CFTC and the NFA and is a member of CBOE Exchange, CBOE C2, NASDAQ Stock Market, NASDAQ ISE, NASDAQ PHLX, Chicago Board of Trade, CME, COMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange, ICE, Kansas City Board of Trade, OCC, ERIS, NFX, Montreal Exchange, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, London Metals Exchange, & EUREX.

We also offer:

  • Traditional Regulation T
  • Risk Based Haircut (“RBH”) for registered Broker Dealers and Market Makers
  • Customer Portfolio Margin (“PM”) for customers who qualify
  • SPAN cross-asset financing where appropriate
  • OCC/CME cross-market hedge for qualified market maker
  • The New York-based Risk and Margin department is staffed 24 hours a day, six days a week
  • Access to near-real time margin calculations for all supported methodologies.
  • Margin lab, where customers can analyse the impact of theoretical trades against their existing portfolio, new portfolios and/or specific strategies.
  • Multi-leg Option Trade Analyser, to accurately assess the buying power impact of complex option orders before they are sent to the street or rejected.


We provide a full suite of services that include:

  • Complete stock loan and finance functions. Locates and borrows can be requested over API, through an integrated EMS/OMS, via a list submission, or through direct contact with the desk.
  • A comprehensive custom reporting suite, which allows for the customisation of data, formats, frequency and method of transmission.
  • An interactive web portal, integrating all features and functions in a seamless, single user experience.
  • A sophisticated billing system, to capture and process exchange fees and passthroughs in a clear and timely manner. The system is easily accessible and is supported by experienced front, middle, and back-office staff.

Market Access

Our customers can have access to the full suite of execution capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • High Touch desks
  • Agency
  • Index Options
  • SPAC’s
  • Arbitrage
  • Low latency / High Frequency Trading
  • FIX compliant proprietary systems
  • Exchange binary proprietary systems
  • Low latency / High Frequency Trading

    Our clients benefit from our market-leading low latency/high frequency trading offering. Our best-in-class tech infrastructure ensures we are directly able to provide our client with unfettered access and execution in their trading, with a full tech architecture designed to reduce latency and ensure trades are executed quickly and efficiently.

    ED&F Man Capital markets is a fully FIX-compliant proprietary systems agency and offers access to exchange binary proprietary systems, to ensure the swift processing of all market trading orders.

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